How To Build A Bug Out Bag


From: Jeff Anderson, President
The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants (ISCQC)


Dear fellow patriot,

Forget everything you thought you knew about survival kits!

You were probably advised to put one together for an emergency, right?

Well there's a good reason for that.

You see, whether it's a natural disaster due to wildfiresfloodinghurricanes… or even man-made catastrophes like a toxic spillnuclear reactor meltdown… or power grid failureyou and your family could be forced to evacuate your home at a moment's notice.

When that happens, your neighbors will be running around like Chicken Little trying to scoop up their clothes, food, and an assortment of useless items, wasting valuable time!

When a disaster is coming your way and you're forced to evacuate your home (aka "bug out"), you don't have hours… you may only have SECONDS to get out of Dodge!

That's why you need an evacuation "bug-out bag" – a ready-to-go pack with the critical survival items required to get you and your loved ones to safety no matter what crisis you face.

In fact,

Not Having A Bug-Out Bag Is Like
Walking Into Combat Without A Gun...

...You're Asking For Trouble!

Look, there are 3 types of people as a result of a disaster: victims, (real) survivors – and zombies!

No, not the "walking dead", flesh-eating zombies.

I'm talking about the starving, shocked "What do we do now?" knuckleheads who are relying on the government to swoop down and rescue them.

Sorry my friend… not gonna happen!

In fact, the last place you want to be in a crisis is packed into some shelter or FEMA camp with thousands of other desperate, panicked citizens waiting for your handout of cookies and hot chocolate.

Tempers flare… possessions get stolen… diseases get spread… riots can break out… and there have even been reports of rape and assaults at these so-called "safe havens".

Would you really subject your family to this dangerous environment?

Or course you wouldn't! No self-respecting "protector" would!

That's why NOW is the time for you to prepare your gear so you can transport you and our family to a safe destination when you decide it's time to get out of Dodge.

Yes, I'm talking about your "bug-out bag"

But I have a stern warning for you…

If you think you're just gonna go and Google around the interwebs and copy down some bug-out list from a forum post… go shopping… pack up your bag and… TAH-DAHHHHH – "instant bug-out bag"… you're flirting with disaster!

Please listen to me very carefully and pay close attention…


Do NOT Listen To The "Armchair Preppers"
Littering The Internet Preaching
How To Build Your Bug-Out Bag!


I hate to say this…

Much of what you've been told by the government or read online in articles and forums is pure hogwash.

Sure, I've found some really great, hardcore preppers who "walk the talk"… but even these guys know that most of what people write about bug-out bags is all "theory" and not based on how things REALLY go down when you're on the run!

We call them "armchair preppers"

.They mean well… but have never had to actually use all that heavy gear they say you should pack.

Imagine walking a mile with your bug-out bag with your back and shoulders burning, not sure if you and your loved ones can go any further.

Even worse, following the wrong advice could even get you or a family member killed.

What makes me such an expert?

Well, I actually don't like the word "expert", but my name is Jeff Anderson and I'm President of an "inner circle" of patriotic combatives experts and trainees and Editor for "Modern Combat & Survival" magazine.

And while I've been specially trained as a member of the elite 10th Mountain Division and other military units to survive in all types of environments (desert, jungle, mountains, urban warfare, etc.)...

... I believe that you should ALWAYS be learning and seeking out new - and better - ways of mastering your survival skills.

I've personally produced dozens of survival books and DVD's and I've written for major magazines, but frankly I see myself more as a "student" who's learned some pretty nifty tricks along the way.

And I feel I have a responsibility to share these skills with like-minded men and women who also take responsibility for themselves and their family when times get tough.

If that describes you, then...

Here's All You Need To Know About
How To Build The Ultimate "Bug-Out Bag"…

…Plus 52 More "Insider Secrets"
Even Most Survival Guru's Don't Know!


Extreme Bug Out BagLook, I've read a bazillion bug-out bag books.

Nearly all of them follow the "more is better" approach and tell you to pack everything but the kitchen sink.

Others I just shake my head at in disbelief at how horribly wrong they are and how anyone that follows their advice is in for a rude awakening the very moment they have to go into action with the gear they have packed.

Can you really afford to carry gear you don't need… or forget the gear you do?

This is why it's so critical you know exactly what to pack and why.

That's exactly why we created our "Survival Kit Bug-Out Bag" program.

To give ALL levels of concerned citizens the ultimate guide to the mission-critical survival items you need without all the added "fluff".

In fact, I have an important message for you if you're wondering if the "Survival Kit Bug-Out Bag" program is for you…

Don't be afraid if you're just starting out You don't need to be some "Doomsday Prepper" to get this and we'll cover all the basics you need to know so you don't get overwhelmed... and then show you as the advanced tactics to get you to the top level of survival preparedness.

Don't be a fool if you're more "experienced" even if you already have a bug-out bag, you're about to discover several items you haven't even thought of packing before…and any one of these items could mean the difference between life and death for you or a loved one in a disaster!

Whoever you are, this comprehensive guide will make certain that you're fully prepared during bugging out and that you have everything you need for your survival.


Here's Just A Small Sample Of The
Critical Survival Information You'll Discover
In The "Survival Kit Bug-Out Bag" Program...


  • The weirdest way to hide a survival rifle you've ever seen! You could literally walk right past a crowd of police and soldiers and they wouldn't have a clue you were packin'!
  • A new category of "military multi-tool" that doubles as a quick-access medieval weapon that will scare the bejeesus out of potential aggressors.
  • The 20-second animal trap, that works! No, it has nothing to do with setting some fantasy snare or deadfall... and you'll be eating good at night!
  • How to fool would-be looters, gangs, and desperate refugees using a simple item that guarantees they won't even think about touching you, your food, or your personal belongings.
  • The truth about the coming "collapse economy" and real straight talk about the best type of "bug-out money" to acquire the life-sustaining supplies you'll need.
  • 3 alternative forms of currency that may be more valuable than even gold during a crisis.
  • A lesson you can steal from the British special operations forces about how to fit 17 pieces of survival equipment... into just your front pocket!
  • An ingenius way to make your own "pocket fisherman" that will snag you "the big one" way better than any survival fishing gear on the market!
  • "Looter Repellant" for creating a virtual force-field around you and your family as you pass through populated areas where you may be targeted. You'll never be touched – I promise!
  • A super sneaky way to "prep" your children for buggin out! (They won't have a clue about your real agenda and it will transform them from whiney "extra baggage" to your evacuation ally!
  • "Bug-Out Candy"?! (Pick these up now and I'll show you how to use it as "prepper bait")
  • The "Swiss Army Knife" of bug-out medicine that has 13 ways to keep you and your family safe and healthy on the run. (Pssst! Keep this one a secret – you'll want to protect every ounce like it's gold!)
  • An unusual way to get life-saving "disaster medicine" even when FEMA and emergency medical attention is overwhelmed and useless! Check out our secret on page 57 and you'll never worry about healing a diseased spouse or child in a collapse.


The truth is, this type of information - even thought it's so crucial for survival - is extremely hard to find.

You'll be gaining a depth of knowledge and getting insider tips that will dramatically increase your chances of survival and your ability to protect those you love.

It's really hard to put a price on that, isn't it?

In fact, due to its incredible value and the time and effort put into development of the "Survival Kit Bug-Out Bag" program, I was originally going to have to sell it at $27 to cover my costs.

But if you act today you can grab your copy at a deep, deep discount!

But I need to warn you...

I can't promise how long this offer will be on the table. If you come back tomorrow and the price has gone up, don't say I didn't give you fair notice. Deal?

And to make this a real no-brainer for you, I'm even going to extend to you a "test drive it yourself" for up to a full 365 days!


My 100% Money Back Guarantee
Promise To You...



That's right, you don't risk a single penny!

I'm so sure that you will be thrilled with the information and knowledge you get from "Bug Out Bag" that I want to offer you a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee for one full year (yes... 365 days)!

You see, I want you to prove to you that the insights you're about to gain from this course will fully prepare you to collect and have "at the ready" the ultimate survival kit go-bag should you ever be forced to evacuate your home in a disaster, crisis or attack.

So if for any reason or no reason at all you're not satisfied with the course simply contact me for a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked. That's my promise to you!

All you have to do is choose your program option below and after entering your payment details you'll gain instant access.



As you can see, I'm dead serious about how much better this program will make you for any sort of a disaster or crisis that forces you and your loved ones to evacuate at a moment's notice.

There's simply no other program this extensive on the planet, I promise you!

And just to sweeten the savings for you even more, I'd like to show you an...

Optional "Super Offer" Announcement!


You're going to love this special opportunity I've hooked up for you!

You see, while it's critically important you and your family have a "grab-and-go bag" to help you get out of Dodge before your neighbors and other townsfolk clog up the highways, the fact is... an "instant disaster" could strike that would never even allow you to reach your home!

In this type of a scenario, you may be forced to survive with nothing more than what you have on you at the time of impact.

What would you do then?!

The key is to equip yourself with what we refer to as "everyday carry" survival equipment (or "EDC" gear) which is why I want to share with you...

27 Sneaky "Every Day Carry" Survival Gadgets, Gizmos & Gear That Can Save Your Life In A
No-Warning Disaster
Or Attack!


The "covert survivalist" is the one who can walk among the masses - loaded with knowledge and life-saving equipment - and no one around you knows how prepared you are.

Did you get that?

No one must know that you're secretly packing the ultimate crisis kit that would make even James Bond jealous!

And don't worry... the devices I'm about to share with you are not big and bulky... they're not heavy... and for the most part, you'll never even know they're there!

But they'll be there ready and waiting for "instant access" when you need them the most - when you and those you love and protect are faced with a potentially life-threatening scenario!

Here's just a short list of the secrets you're about to discover...

  • The gigantic blunder I saw half of everyone make at a recent "survival convention" and why it could cost these "survival experts" their very life in a real crisis. (p. 15)

  • Covert Clothing - Up to 37 secret hiding spots you've never thought of to keep all your gear "at the ready".. but so indiscreet and comfortable that neither you - nor those around you - will ever notice it's there. (pp. 15-19)

  • The "bodyguard trick" to looking super stylish without sacrificing stealth and explosive mobility when you're called into action. (This is a really great trick if you're a "suit and tie" guy and want to be classy at work... yet "combat ready" for a crisis! Check out page 21 for this little-known trick.)

  • The 4" instant identity change that can throw off looters, gang members, or even authorities who are tracking you down and hot on your trail. (p. 22)

  • Escape & Evasion - Little-known devices that can help you escape your captors and remain completely undectable on the run!

  • The tiny adjustment I make to every pair of pants as soon as I bring them home from the store...even before I wash them! (p. 24)

  • The sneakiest weapon... EVER! I once saw this in an action movie and had to test it out myself. I'll be damned... it freakin' works! I'll reveal this tiny-but-deadly 3" wonder on page 30 so you can tuck it away as your secret weapon against any attacker who's stupid enough to think you're unarmed.

  • The most common survival item that screams "prepper!" to everyone around you... and what to do instead to hide your secret knowledge from those who would rob you of your supplies or target your home for a raid in the midst of social chaos. (p. 37)

  • The tiny little sex aid that could be your best friend when bugging out to a safe location during an evacuation where you're cut off from your regular bug-out gear.
    (p. 41)

  • The "cop tool" you don't need a license for... but will work just as well as their expensive, restricted version should you ever have to deal with unruly citizens or even members of your survival party. (p. 42)

  • Weapons, weapons, weapons! I always have 5 on me at all times and I'll show you what they are on pages 43-46 so you can copy my exact arsenal if you like!)

  • How to plan for secretly "arming" your family members with their own covert survival gear to expand your abilities and keep them protected from danger.
    (pp. 47-49)

This is one of our best-selling courses and you can get it at the low cost of only $27.00 right now.

For me it seems like a no-brainer, considering the level of confidence you'll have when you're wearing this "secret survival gear" on you...but it's your choice if you'd like to take advantage of the offer or not. Either way, you risk nothing because...

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You'll find all the details in the chart below and I look forward to hearing how your survival gear acquisitions are coming along!

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Don't wait! Choose your training package now and get instant access to these amazing evacuation secrets!

Yours in survival,

Jeff Anderson

Modern Combat & Survival


P.S. Remember you are backed by my 365 day no questions asked money back guarantee. I'm taking all the risk. Get the program and go through it and if you're not completely satisfied you can get a full refund. There is no risk on your part so just click here to choose your package and access the entire program right away

P.P.S. Don't risk wasting your good survival intentions with poor preparation. This is a life or death scenario with real consequences. Make sure your equipped with the right knowledge, strategies and know how to fully prepare your bug out bag for your safe escape.